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What should be investigated before investing in biomass pellet projects?


With the policy restrictions on the coal industry, the biomass fuel pellet industry is slowly having a place in the energy industry. Many bosses see the industry prospects, want to enter the biomass pellet production industry, although the industry prospects and profits are very objective, but it is not suitable for everyone, and then decide to invest in the biomass pellet industry before also need to examine the market, since decide whether to invest in biomass pellet machine.

What are the preparatory work for our investment in wood pellet machine?

1. Market

Whether or not wood pellet fuel can make money, and how much money. These are closely related to its sales. Before investing, we must first examine the local pellet market to see how many local enterprises have completed the replacement of biomass boilers can use pellets, or whether the local policy is getting closer to the restriction policy on coal boilers. And how many of our neighbors produce wood pellet fuel. Fierce competition will lead to lower and lower profit margins for fuel pellets.

2. Raw material problem

At present, the fiercest competition for wood pellet fuel in China is raw materials. Whoever has enough raw material supply can control the market, therefore, raw material supply is the most important part of the investigation of the wood pellet machine project.

3. Power problems

The power of the equipment on the market is generally above 90kw. If you are equipped with other equipment on the production line, you will need to find or install a transformer that can provide a stable power supply.

4. Staffing issues

In the formal production of biomass pellet machine, there will certainly be various small problems. Before investing, find a partner who understands technology, someone who can solve small problems on their own. After all, it is unrealistic for all problems to be solved by the manufacturer. After confirming these problems, it is not too late to investigate the manufacturer of biomass pellet machine.

5. Select the device

With the hot biomass pellet machine industry, more and more biomass pellet equipment manufacturers are also like springing up, many manufacturers are three or four people a small workshop all equipment components are who's cheap to buy who's equipment pieced together, operation and production can not be guaranteed, no after-sales service, buy is a pile of scrap iron, This is why the same biomass pellet machine price difference is so large, so the bosses choose the equipment must be careful, do not destroy their own career and enthusiasm because of cheap.

In summary, the current biomass pellet machine industry is a stable industry, and the investment is relatively large. Before deciding to enter this industry, we must first examine the above points.

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